What is lost? Our motivation.

This is a list of each member of Estlost Entertainment. Any unanswered questions can be asked in a comment on one of our YouTube videos or emailed to us at [email protected] Or even tweeted at us.
  1. Cocoa
    EstLost Entertainment President
    Cocoa is the founder of Estlost Entertainment. He went around the entire neighborhood, running through yards and into unfamiliar dog houses, looking for other dogs to help with the channel. Cocoa found Zeus and liked his name. Plus the big German Shepard was too scary to say no to. Blaze is Cocoa's brother so Cocoa went ahead and let him join. No one else in the neighborhood was willing to join Estlost Entertainment so he had to let Skittles join, even though he doesn’t like him. After it had been on air for awhile, Cocoa found Noc and Checkerface who were willing to make a series on the channel.
  2. Skittles
    "Life of a Star" Host
    Skittles has always been fascinated with animation and creating TV shows and/or movies. He starred in Men in Black and Milo and Otis. Skittles also loves music. Skittles Plays guitar and piano. Honestly, he’s pretty talented for a dog. It’s weird Cocoa doesn’t like him.
  3. Chase
    "Chase Gaming" Host | "Madden 18: Longshot" Host
    Chase is the creator of "Chase and Friends." During the early days of Chase and Friends, Chase became friends with Estlost Entertainment member, Noc, who at the time was known as NocTurntUp. After being inactive for awhile, Chase decided to return to YouTube as a member of Estlost Entertainment.
  4. Noc
    "Noc Vlogs" Host | Former "Clashing Continents" Host
    Cocoa's favorite member. Cocoa spends almost all his time trying to impress Noc. Noc does vlogs and rants and stuff. Before he was an Estlost Entertainment member, Noc ran a gaming channel called NocTurntUp. That's all you need to know.
  5. Zeus
    Voice Actor
    Zeus acts as a voice actor for several EstLost Entertainment shows.
  6. Undecided (Checkerface)
    Undecided (Checkerface)
    Former "Clashing Continents" Co-Host
    Checkerface co-hosted the show "Clashing Continents with Noc where they alternated posting videos.
  7. Blaze
    This is Cocoa's brother. At one point he was working on a Minecraft show for the channel, but it never did finally air on the channel.
  8. Pierre
    Social Media Supervisor
    Pierre runs the channel's Twitter page and answers the phone if you call +1 (800) estlostentertainment (don't try it though).
  9. Zen
    "Extra Manpower"
    Zen doesn't really do anything and members of Estlost Entertainment suspect Cocoa keeps him around simply because he likes his voice.