Life of a Star

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Written By Skittles 10/17/2016
Finally, he came to me. He told me of an idea he had for a show. All I would have to do is follow some random guy around and ask him questions. I thought it would be easy, so I took him up on it.

This job is the most time consuming, stressful, annoying crap I could have ever asked for.

Eli Sykes. He is the "random guy" I am supposed to follow around. He's a know it all, I'm the best, everyone loves me son of a...

I'm getting a little carried away. Eli has been a real test of my patience, and my frustrations get the best of me in some episodes. Really, the best explanation I can give you for this show is to just tell you to watch. It's like a documentary over a cocky cat. I hate cats. And cockiness.

Life of a Star is
Where to begin...?
I was a puppy. My owner always made videos and I loved to run around in the background. Jumping around in the background was all I had. I did this throughout my childhood.

One day, a know it all Chihuahua walked all around the neighborhood, asking dogs for help on a TV show. Several people joined him and he needed one more person. This Chihuahua and I have not had the best past, but the idea of being a part of a TV show for me was too much. I offered to join and, having no other choice, the Chihuahua said I could join.

I'm getting sick of typing out "Chihuahua" so if you haven't figured it out yet, this Chihuahua is Cocoa. That's what I'll be referring to him as from now on as well.

Cocoa wanted to start the channel out with a bang, so he came to me (the most talented of the bunch) and asked me to make a show.

That didn't really happen. Cocoa went to everyone else before me. Scribbles wanted to do behind the scenes stuff. Blaze is too lazy to even talk. Noc wasn't even around at the time. Zeus plays with his owner too much so he didn't have any time to even work on a show!