Clashing Continents

Tuesdays & Fridays

Written By Noc 10/18/2016
The point is, this is the next big thing. This is the next CNN. This is going to be the next Breaking Bad. This is going to be the next DramaAlert. Alright, not DramaAlert because that's just...sorry Keem. it. Why?  
Because f*ck you, that's why.

Clashing Continents is
Alright, here goes nothing...

I've always been the cool dude, the rich kid, and the spoiled mofo. Joking. I've been cool, but not the last two things. My life's been great, nonetheless.

I wasn't surprised, to say the least, when Cocoa begged me to join him on the show. "Why not?," I thought to myself.

Alongside my best friend, I decided to form Clashing Continents. Clashing Continents is a show where we basically talk about nothing. And by nothing, I, of course, mean EVERYTHING! Like, everything. Your mom, my mom, your dad's mom, your day, my day. Everything.

The show will be airing every Tuesday and every Friday. Every Friday, I'll get my ten minutes of fame (gotta get that 10-minute ad revenue). Every Tuesday, my friend will have his time to shine (obviously, I get the ad revenue).

The two of us share a very special friendship, despite living on separate continents. I live in Europe, while he lives in the U.S. of Ace.

I'll talk about life and whatever it throws at my f**king face. He will talk about...well...I don't really know, nor do I care. As long as I get that ad revenue, I'll be happy.